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Newsletter 20, 15 November 2019

From the Leadership

Classes 2020

This year we had straight grade classes throughout the school.  This, whilst good in theory has led to class sizes bigger than we would like.  St Leonards is a popular school and this year saw 28 new enrolments come into our community throughout the year, swelling our numbers and putting pressure on classrooms .

2020 will see a mixture of mixed classes as well as some straight classes.  This allows us to keep our class numbers at a much more reasonable level.  Our teachers often work and collaborate together and they will continue to do so to get the best possible outcomes.  Our whole school data is showing excellent results over the past  three years. We know that not all of our learners learn at the same rate and composite classes can be an advantage.

At this stage our 16 classes will be composed of:

2 Reception classes

4 Year 1/2 classes

1 Year 2/3 class

2 Year 3 classes

4 Year 4/5 Classes

2 Year 6 classes

1 Year 7 class

Teachers are in the process of placing learners into classes.  A lot of thought goes into this, and whilst we try to accommodate requests, this is not always possible.

Some teachers have been allocated to classes, however we won’t be releasing this information until all our staffing has been confirmed by the Department for Education.  Our learners will meet their new teachers in Week 9 of this term.

Children's University Graduation

Last night we celebrated the additional learning of over 110 students from our school community who take part in the Children’s University program. They worked very hard all year accumulating hours doing a diverse range of activities including STEM, the art and sports. 

The ceremony took place at Bonython Hall in the city. Our learners then enjoyed a special celebration afterwards. We are very proud of their efforts.

We look forward to welcoming new Children’s University participants in 2020.

Thank you to Heather for all her efforts in coordinating Children's University throughout the year and thank you to the parents/caregivers who came in to help with workshops.


For the safety of our students, families and the local community, please abide by traffic and parking rules. Unfortunately there have been multiple cases of cars parking illegally, in particular over solid yellow lines. Local residents have been reporting these incidents to the school and the local council. This is likely to result in spot visits from the council, which may result in fines being issued.

Dave Henty-Smith, Principal

Jo Meredith, Deputy Principal

Kathy Baker, Inclusive Education Coordinator

Diary Dates

Week 6

  • Year 7 Bike Ed - Monday 18 November
  • CU Lunchtime Workshop - Monday 18 November
  • Move and Groove - Tuesday 19 November
  • School Banking (to Cash Office by 9:00am) - Tuesday 19 November
  • 9:15am - 10:30am:  Kindy Transition - Wednesday 20 November
  • 9:30am - 10:45am:  Years 3-7 Beachfront Hub Band Concert - Wednesday 20 November
  • 2:30pm Volunteer "Drop-In" workshop - Wednesday 20 November
  • 9:00am Assembly (Ambassadors presenting) - Friday 22 November

Week 7

  • Launch of the Bottle Top Art Competition - Monday 25 November
  • School Banking (to Cash Office by 9:00am) - Tuesday 26 November
  • Move and Groove - Tuesday 26 November
  • 9:15am - 10:30am:  Kindy Transition - Wednesday 27 November
  • 2:30pm Volunteer "Drop-In" workshop - Wednesday 27 November

A Term Planner is available as a link  on the Skoolbag app. Please check it regularly as it is a live document that updates as items are added. 

Save the Date

Glenelg Christmas Pageant - Sunday 24 November

St Leonards will once again be participating in the pageant. More details soon.


Volunteer Afternoon Tea

We are very lucky at St Leonards to have a wonderful community of parents, caregivers and family members who volunteer in many capacities. A school this size would not be able to function without your support. 

As a thank you we invite everyone who has volunteered in any capacity to come to the afternoon tea at 2:30pm on Wednesday 4 December. A flyer with the invitation went home early this week.

Please RSVP to by Monday 2 December.

Volunteer ‘Drop-in’ Workshops

Not sure where to start with the new volunteer process? Need help with the next step? Pop in to the staff room each Wednesday from 2:30pm and we’ll help you to access the online training, or to get the first 4 steps signed off in half an hour. Whether you’ve got 10 minutes or 30, we’ll have everything you need to move forward. All you may need to bring is some photo ID and relevant certificates if you have them (RAN-EC, DCSI, WWCC).  No need to RSVP, we’ll accommodate anyone who turns up.

We hope to see you there!

 Jo Meredith, Deputy Principal

Changes to the volunteering process at St Leonards Primary School

Volunteers have a huge impact on the learning and wellbeing of our children at St Leonards. Their time and energy is valued enormously in the canteen, improving our grounds, as sports coaches and managers, in classrooms, on camps and excursions, as members of the Governing Council and/or its subcommittees (to name a few).

The Department for Education has changed its volunteer policy to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our children. St Leonards Primary School, like all public schools, must comply with the changes. There are new steps to be completed by every volunteer and we very much hope that our volunteer community will persist with the additional requirements to continue their valued contribution to the school.

The new policy introduced by the Department for Education will be fully implemented by the first day the 2020 school year. If you are either a current or prospective volunteer, these new requirements apply to you. Any person volunteering at the school in any capacity must have completed all of the 9 steps listed below. Unfortunately, any person who has not completed one of the steps will not be able to volunteer at St Leonards. The staff team is eager to support you to continue your service to the school.

The 9 steps to be completed by Friday 14 February for each volunteer are:-

1.     1. Volunteer completes a SLPS volunteer application form; please first speak to any current SLPS staff member about your wish to (continue to) volunteer and then list them as one of your referees

2.     2. Volunteer gives the application to the front office, with photo ID and has a brief discussion with the Volunteer Coordinator

3.     3. An SLPS staff member contacts a referee

4.     4. The volunteer applies for a Working With Children Check (WWCC) online, (unless they can provide a copy of a current DCSI clearance). This step may take 3 to 5 weeks; the volunteer can continue with the steps below while waiting for the WWCC to be completed.

5.     5. The volunteer completes a Responding to Abuse and Neglect Education and Care (RAN-EC) course for volunteers, either online or at SLPS.

6.     6.The volunteer reads relevant role description(s); available at the Front Office or on the SLPS website.

7.     7. The volunteer does a general induction course, either online or at SLPS.

8.     8. SLPS site-specific induction, including work health and safety and role-specific training is done at SLPS.

9.     9. The volunteer signs a volunteer agreement

Along the way, SLPS staff must record/document completion of each step. After step 9, each volunteer will be issued with a badge. Volunteers will need to sign in/out at the Front Office each time they attend and wear their badge to work in the school as a volunteer in any capacity. Classroom teachers will be required to ask you to leave at 8:55am if you are not wearing a badge and only approved volunteers will be able to assist or attend any excursion or camp.

More information will be provided to families about this policy in a separate letter with key dates for additional training sessions in 2020.

We look forward to working through this process with you to maintain and continue to build the highly valued support we have at St Leonards Primary School.

Jo Meredith, Deputy Principal

Scholastic Book Club

Issue 8 is the last Scholastic Book Club for 2019. All orders are due by Wednesday 20 November. If these books are gifts you can select the gift option when ordering online or if you are ordering by cash at the Office just let us know and I can call you when the items arrive.

I would like to thank all the families who ordered books through Scholastic throughout the year as every book ordered allowed us to accumulate points for free books for the library.

Kelly Peterson, Library Manager 

ICAS Results

Last term some students elected to sit the ICAS tests run by the University of New South Wales. This year was the first time it was sat online. The following students completed the Spelling Bee, Maths and/or the Science tests:

ICAS Spelling Bee

Alkut K Distinction, Piper H Credit, Tylor K,  Credit, Ella M Credit, Taylah R Merit, Max D Participation, Liam P Participation, Alex R Participation, Lyla S Participation, Chase S Participation Ryan G Participation, Chloe W Participation Zara D  Participation, Scarlett H Participation, Alexander M Participation, Maisy P Participation, Jessica S Participation, Joshua H Participation.

ICAS Science 

Max D Merit, Piper H Merit, Ella M Merit, Ethan P  Credit, Chloe W Credit, Liam P Participation, Abbey H  Participation, Lyla S Participation, Zara D Participation, Scarlett H articipation, Jackson M Participation, Mackenzie D Participation, Jayden H Participation, Alexander M Participation, Jessica S Participation, Ryan G Participation,  Alex R  Distinction, Alkut K Distinction, Joshua H Distinction.

ICAS Maths

Max D Credit, Piper H Credit, Tylor K Participation, Ethan P Credit, Liam P  Participation, Alex R Distinction, Abbey H Participation, Oliver H Distinction, Mitchell H Credit, Lyla S Participation, Chase S Participation, Ryan G Participation, Bianca H Participation, Ella M Merit, Dishen S Credit, Chloe W Participation, Zara D Participation, Scarlett H Participation, Alkut K Distinction, Jayden H Credit, Sebastian W Participation, Alexander M Merit, Maisy P Merit, Jessica S Participation, Taylah R Participation, Josh H Credit.

ICAS English

Max D Participation, Piper H Participation, Tylor K Participation, Liam P Participation, Alex R Credit, Abbey H Participation, Lyla S Participation, Chase S Participation, Ryan G Participation, Ella M Distinction, Chloe W Credit, Zara D Participation, Scarlett H Credit, Alkut K Credit, Mackenzie D Credit, Alexander M Participation, Maisy P Credit, Jessica S Participation, Taylah Rogers Participation, Josh H High Distinction.

Sports News

Year 4-7 Beach Volleyball

Today 132  Year 4 -7 students participated in the Beach Volleyball competition.

Our teams really exemplified our school values of respect, resilience and readiness in how they conducted themselves today. 

It was an excellent day and all played well. 

What's Been Happening at St Leonards

Remembrance Day

On Monday 11 November our school commemorated Remembrance Day in a couple of ways.

We had a special assembly in the school grounds with The Last Post being played by one of our talented parents, Andy Luyten. The Pledge of Remembrance was recited by students.  

We also had students from Rooms 5, 6 , 11A and 11B go to the memorial at Moseley Square in Glenelg and sing " And the Band Played Waltzing Mathilda".

All the students attending  represented St Leonards well and did us proud.

Remembrance Day

Children's University Graduation

St Leonards was well represented at the Children’s  University graduation. Our learners were commended for their excellent behaviour on the night. A  big thanks to Kathleen Rollings and Nicola Murray for supporting the learning opportunities in this program.

Holiday activity will be out soon! 

Heather Pronk, CU Coordinator

Kindness Poems

World Kindness Day is celebrated annually on November 13. On this day, we celebrate and promote good deeds and acts of kindness, either as individuals or as organisations.

World Kindness Day was first launched in 1998 by The World Kindness Movement, an organisation formed at a 1997 Tokyo conference of like-minded kindness organisations from around the world. There are currently over 28 nations involved in The World Kindness Movement which is not affiliated with any religion or political movement. The mission of the World Kindness Movement and World Kindness Day is to create a kinder world by inspiring individuals and nations towards greater kindness.

Some of our learners were inspired to write poems about kindness.

Kindness by Zac

If kindness can’t help you,

I don’t know what can

The gesture of it is


Smile by Peyton

If a smile

Can help you be a lovely person

Then let your heart

Shine to the world!

Happy Days by Zoe

When I smile at someone and they smile back at me

It makes my day!

It make me happy when I can make people

Really Really Happy. 

Charlene McGrath, SIIP 

Woolworths Earn and Learn

Earlier this year we participated in the Woolworths Earn and Learn program and as a result of the generosity of the St Leonards community, we were able to receive an incredible array of items to be used for our lunchtime activities. These items include: puzzles, board games, outdoor building blocks, bee bots, gardening gloves and craft items.

Thank you

Karen's Corner

Hi Friends

Hope this note finds you well, happy and hopefully not getting (too) caught up in the rush and stress of this time of the year. yet.

Let’s face it, if you’re a parent or grandparent or you have one or know one, chances are you know how much information and advice there is about parenting and raising ‘successful’ children … you can’t turn on social media without an expert giving advice about how to raise your child, what to feed them, when to put them to bed, how much screen time they should have according to their age etc. etc.  I rather think you’d agree there’s an abundance of skilled professionals all ready and willing to give their advice whether asked for or not. 

Might you take a moment to think about what it means to you, to raise a ‘successful’ child … I can guarantee you that if you did a quick survey amongst your friends and family members, each and every one would have their own thoughts and opinions on correct parenting … you might even find that your partner or spouse if you have one, doesn’t necessarily agree on key parenting areas or issues (making for interesting and lively discussions at times!)

Anyway, back to the topic …

In surveys done regarding where the focus lies as to what is considered to be priorities with respect to parenting, some interesting findings have been found … apparently over 90% of parents would state that a top priority for them, is to have their children grow up to be caring adults (seems reasonable yes?) however, when those same children were asked the same questions, over 80% stated they felt their parents valued achievement and happiness over caring.  Something doesn’t quite add up.

Research has shown that empathy is a really critical factor in leadership later on in life and let’s face it we all know what it feels like to be shown genuine empathy, don’t we?!

Modelling kindness and empathy as core values will always be critically important qualities when it comes to making sure our children grown up to become successful adults who are able to show kindness to those around them in all circumstances.

It therefore might follow that one must practice, acknowledge and then praise acts of kindness at every opportunity and what better way than to model kindness ourselves toward others in every situation.  It might be a kind word, a smile, perhaps the kind gesture of allowing someone to go before you in a supermarket line or making sure you give a fellow road user the chance to merge safely into your lane before you … you get the idea … it doesn’t need to be a grand, expensive gesture, in fact I think that more often, smaller gestures made consistently are more powerful as our children are afforded the opportunity to witness often our kindness actions and gestures on a regular basis.

Just as importantly, allow your children to practice gestures and acts of kindness at every opportunity themselves … spontaneously or considered, it makes no difference … but how wonderful to see how many times a day you as individuals or as a family unit, can show kindness and empathy to those around you.  Remember it takes some time and effort as well as mindful consideration to form a habit (I can’t think of a better habit to nurture and cultivate, can you?!)

What a wonderful opportunity we have at this time of year particularly, to show those around us, those who are stressed, worried, overworked, exhausted and more, gestures of kindness and empathy.  We might never know the impact a gesture, no matter how small, might have upon a fellow human being.  The point is, we should always treat others as we would wish to be treated … kindly, fairly and with empathy … to me, that is the true meaning of living a successful life … accolades and acknowledgements are fleeting, but to know that you have been kind to those around you, at the end of the day, constitutes success in my book!

So here’s to practicing random and not so random acts of kindness every where you go …. Sprinkle kindness around like confetti, go on … you know you want to!

As Princess Diana was once quoted as saying … ‘Carry out a random act of kindness with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you’

Have a fantastic week everyone, may you both give and receive kindness and experience a level of success that cannot be measured nor denied!

Take care and be kind to yourself and those you love, please.

 Karen Thorogood

Pastoral Care worker


Community Notices

Club Holdfast Family Fun Day

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Friday 15 November

5pm - 8pm

Adults $2

Children Free

All Welcome


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