Parkhill Primary School Newsletter

Issue 28, Friday 10 September 2021

Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Carers,

Yesterday was R U OK Day, a day that is dedicated to raising awareness around the benefit of reaching out to others in our communities. R U OK Day has more significance than ever this year as we find new ways of staying connected and supporting each other through this challenging time, with the sentiment of R U OK Day extending well beyond just one day a year. At Parkhill we have introduced our Wellbeing Fridays with the goal of dedicating time to connecting, supporting, and enjoying each other’s company in a fun and interactive way. We hope that our Wellbeing Fridays further develop a sense of belonging and inclusion for all students in our Parkhill community.


The recently announced news that Victoria had achieved strong results in NAPLAN despite the disruption of the COVID lockdowns is also reflected at Parkhill with some very good results.  Generally, our students’ achievement was at or above state averages in most aspects of literacy and numeracy. The results provide a picture of the school’s continuous improvement journey with some positive upward trends over the last few years. The achievement in the areas of Writing and Spelling were particularly pleasing, and testimony to the work that has been carried out in the last few years in these two areas.

NAPLAN is just one measure of achievement which supports the overall assessment of what students are able to achieve. Teachers use a range of ongoing assessments throughout the year to identify learning needs and develop programs in line with the Victorian Curriculum. NAPLAN does, however, provide a valuable snapshot of how the school is doing in comparison to all other schools nationwide. Our staff will be spending time in coming weeks and next term analysing the results, determining future learning for the students and importantly celebrating student achievement.

This year’s NAPLAN results indicate the dedication and hard work of our staff and students and the wonderful support of our families in maintaining learning progress through the challenges of lockdowns and remote learning.

Parents of children in Y3 and Y5 can expect to receive your child’s NAPLAN report once these have been delivered to the school.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

David Wells

Acting Principal

Calendar of Curriculum Events - Term 4

Monday 4 October - Term 4 begins

Friday 8 October - GATEWAYS Journeys (selected students)

Monday 11 October - ICAS Writing (selected students)

Wednesday 13 October - GATEWAYS Eureka (selected Y4-6 students)

Thursday 14 October - GATEWAYS Eureka (selected Y1-3 students)

Friday 15 October - GATEWAYS Journeys (selected students)

Monday 18 October - ICAS English (selected students)

Friday 22 October - GATEWAYS Journeys (selected students)

Monday 25 October - ICAS Science (selected students)

Thursday 28 October - Musica Viva Rhythm Works

Friday 29 October - GATEWAYS Journeys (selected students)

Monday 1 November - Curriculum Day - no students attend school on this day

Tuesday 2 November - Melbourne Cup Public Holiday

Monday 8 November - ICAS Maths (selected students)

Thursday 18 November - Scholastic Book Fair begins

Tuesday 23 November - Friday 26 November - Y5/6 Camp Candlebark

Thursday 2 December - Fun, Food & Carols

Wednesday 15 December - Y6 Graduation

Friday 17 December - Term 4 and 2021 School Year ends at 1:30pm

Please note that these events are subject to Covid-19 restrictions and are subject to change and/or cancellation.

Term 3 ends next Friday, September 17 - 2.30 pm finish

Care Group Cup and Wellbeing Friday

What a great way to spend Friday! It was wonderful to see lots of smiling faces in care group meets to play some games before heading off to enjoy some mindful activities. The sun was shining for some time outside and if you went for a walk I bet you spied some Parkhill teddies waving to you from windows!

If you wanted to continue the fun over the weekend, you can find the activity grid at the following link:

Sasha Guy

Y6 Teacher

F/Y1 Virtual Excursion to Rippon Lea

The F/Y1s went back in time to learn about what life was like in the past on their virtual excursion to Rippon Lea Estate. They got to see photos of the Sargood family who used to live in the mansion 100 years ago. They also got to go on a tour of the huge mansion and its enormous grounds. Luckily they didn’t end up getting lost in one of the mansion's many rooms or in the lush green gardens. The students even dressed up for the occasion and wore clothes that they thought might have been worn in the past at Rippon Lea.

Des Schlack

F/Y1 Teacher

Y2/3 Writer's Workshop

The Y2/3s have been very busy learning about the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. They have spent lots of time learning about non-fiction text types and they have been learning to write information reports. This week, the students wrote their own information report on recycling. This included an introduction and facts about recycling.

We were absolutely blown away with the writing presented across the Y2/3 cohort. Take a look at some wonderful writing pieces!


Bianca Bevilacqua

Y2/3 Teacher 

Y2/3 Inquiry Maths

The Y2/3s have been learning about mass this week! They have been finding objects around their home and comparing them in weight. They have been practicing common mass language such as lighter and heavier and have also been learning about the Metric System of Measurements by exploring grams and kilograms.

This week, the Y2/3s created their own pan balance scales! They got very creative. Where some students used cans and baking trays, others used plastic cups, string and coat hangers.

Take a look at some wonderful creations!


Bianca Bevilacqua

Y2/3 Teacher 

Y4/5 Mapping Task

In Mathematics this week, Y4/5 students have been elaborating on our understanding of the wurlies, humpies and lean-tos - types of shelters made by our first Australians that we’ve learned about in Inquiry. To build on this (no pun intended), we designed and constructed our own bases, using different materials such as Lego, paper, blocks, cushions, blankets and more.

We extended on this by creating a map of our base as a Google Drawing. We included a legend, scale, coordinates, compass points and other key details. Students will peer-assess each other’s maps at the end of the week!

Alex Davies

Y4/5 Teacher

Cultivating Communities - Special Offer

We have a special offer for the pupils at Parkhill Primary School.

This is a FREE opportunity for students to join these two school holiday online workshops as an additional benefit for being part of our school gardens community.

For any teacher or parent to access these free events for their child they have a special code: FREECARROTS


Follow these instructions to apply the code:

  • Visit the event page
  • Click ‘RSVP’
  • Select the quantity of tickets you would like
  • On the right-hand side above the name of the event and below the ‘Time remaining’ countdown, you will find ‘Enter coupon code’
  • Paste the code you have received and hit enter on your keyboard
  • Your purchase total should amount to $0
  • Get in touch with our team if you have any issues

    The events are:

    Wonderful worms and super seeds!! We have four upcoming kids workshops in September to get you gardening at home! 🥕👩‍🌾🧑‍🌾

    Suitable for children 6 to 12 years, our webinars will nourish your child's curiosity and nurture their interest in sustainable gardening 🌱

    Visit our website to book:


    🌱 Worms Wonderful Worms 🌱

    Suitable for children 6 to 12 years we will take a look into the world of worms. What do they get up to when nobody is looking? What is the difference between earthworms and composting worms? And how to make your own in-ground worm farm to promote free-range worms and healthy soil in your garden.


    Wednesday, 22 September 2021 from 10:00-11:00AM

    Thursday, 30 September 2021 from 1:00-2:00PM


    🌱 Super Seeds! 🌱

    Let's take a look at some seed-saving activities that you can do at home to help make seed sowing, seed saving, and seed distribution fun, creative, and a little different. In this webinar will take a look at making some Seed Tape, Seed packets for seed storage, and Seed Bombs for seed distribution. Simone will show you how to make these seed creations, so come armed with as many of the items listed as you can.


    Thursday, 23 September 2021 from 10:00-11:00AM

    Wednesday, 29 September 2021 from 1:00-2:00PM


    Visit our website to book:

    PFA News - September 10

    Executive Committee:

    President: Rossanne Clay                  

    Vice President: Kylie Brown

    Treasurer: Sumi Sundram

    Secretary/Communications: Kylie Touloupis

    General Members: Elle Delmee, Vanessa Cowley, Trish King, Marinda Tanner, Jo Argaet

    NEXT PFA MEETING – Monday 13th September 3pm

    Google Meet joining info:


    Melo, Ru and Conner are hosting a fun Kahoot! afternoon for our community.

    WHEN: Sunday 19th September 3pm


    Once you register we will send you the login details.

    PARKHILL FAMILY TRIVIA - We are using two apps to bring the quiz to you at home: 1) Zoom on one device - this is the video conferencing tool that allows you to hear the host and see the quiz questions 2) Kahoot! on another device - this is what we have used to create our quiz. It allows your team to play remotely and keeps track of the leader board.


    We’re setting up a committee for Fun, Food and Carols (which will be Thursday 2nd December) to help create a wider community event for our school and beyond. If you’d like to be part of designing this fun event, please contact Rossanne 0480 171 847.

    Welcome to the Lions Club of Ashwood-Mt Waverley. Lions Clubs are part of community life, in the cities and in the country. Clubs are easily identified by their distinctive Logo, the trademark of our International Association, and the 'We Serve'; motto.

    Alamein Neighbourhood and Learning Centre Inc. Term 4 Program


    A friendly social and recreational group for Mandarin-speaking seniors. Develop and practice your English skills. Enjoy the opportunity to make new social connections and learn new life skills...

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