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18 November 2020

Casting the Net - Weekly Prayer Reflection


I have been somewhat bemused by the intensity of interest in the US Presidential Elections, especially by family and friends, who are so disinterested in local Australian politics that they don’t even know the name of their local member.  Such passion for something they have no influence over?  And then their euphoria over Joe Biden?  I am glad to see Trump go but I don’t have much faith in his replacement.  He is 77 years old and is no Winston Churchill.  This is a Mister Nice Guy who has never taken a stand on anything.  Maybe the passion around him comes not so much from reality as the deep desire for good leadership that so many of us have. 

This Sunday the Church celebrates the Feast of Christ the King, or, in other words, Jesus Christ as our Leader. When we hear this Sunday’s Gospel, we will realise why euphoria is not the response we have to Jesus’ leadership.  Here are no tax concessions nor promises of greatness or the assurance that he will make life easier and ‘free’.  No, Jesus’ call is to us is to be compassionate, especially to the weakest and most alienated in our society – the poor, the stranger, the imprisoned, the grieving.  Yes, all the people we are uncomfortable around.  And we are then to serve them in the simplest of gestures:  a little food, a little drink, a kind word all given as though it was to Jesus himself. 

This isn’t a leadership that will change the world to make us comfortable.  No, it is a leadership that challenges us to make others comfortable.  It is a leadership that calls us to privilege the weakest in our society.  Rarely will we have the opportunity for the big and grand gesture.  Rather it will be the small gestures that will define our following of Jesus: helping the elderly aunt with the groceries, hearing our child’s story again (and again and again), being patient with our spouse, visiting shut ins (so needed as we live with Covid).  Following Jesus our Leader in service like this will transform our world and our hearts.  It will bring us the true peace and greatness that we crave.

Loving Jesus, give me the humility and strength to follow your leadership.  Yes, I realise it will be taking up my cross, especially in the small things of life but, with the help of your Spirit, I know I can take my part in bringing peace of earth.  I ask this in your name confident that you will hear me.

Sr Kym Harris osb

From the Principal

Staffing 2021

We have several staffing announcements to share with the school community, as we look ahead to the 2021 school year.

  • Mrs Sarah Clark (current Year 4 teacher) will be relocating to Gladstone.
  • Mrs Jessica Capra (current Teacher Assistant) will be relocating to Brisbane.
  • Mr Gregory Ivory will be joining our teaching staff.
  • Mr Geoff Joyce will be joining our (part-time) teaching staff
  • Mrs Melinda Lau will be joining our support staff (Teacher Assistant)
  • Mrs Annette Rea will remain on staff but will take on the position of S.T.E.M. Specialist Teacher (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) in 2021.

I take the opportunity to thank Mrs Wilkes, who has stepped in as LOTE (Japanese) teacher for this term. Natalie has done an amazing job! Sadly, due to her other responsibilities, Natalie will not continue with us in this role next year, but we are very grateful to Natalie for all she has given to our students and staff this term. Thank you, Natalie.

Mrs Jacqualine Wagg will finish her contract as Acting OSHC Coordinator on 13 December. It has been no small feat to take on this role, especially with two small children of her own, and we thank Miss Jacqui for the incredible job she has done while Miss Hailey has been enjoying her maternity leave. Jacqui will remain as one of our valued OSHC staff members, while Mrs Colleen Baumann will take on the responsibilities of Acting OSHC Coordinator until Miss Hailey returns in April 2021. Thank you to both Jacqui and Colleen for the wonderful service they continue to provide to our families!

Further details about staffing and classes for the new school year will be communicated as they come to hand. I understand that some parents are anxious to find out their children’s class groupings and teachers for the 2021 school year. Please understand that our priority at this point in time is the quality teaching, learning, assessing and reporting occurring in our current classrooms. It is an expectation that our students continue to learn until the very end of the school year. A polite reminder, that this school does not take requests for particular teachers.

Confirmation of Enrolment for 2021 – *Response is required by every family*

Reminder: We require EVERY family in the school to complete an Confirmation of Enrolment Form which this year, is available on Parent Lounge. Please complete the forms at your earliest convenience so that we can finalise our preparations for classes in 2021 and ensure that  those of you with multiple children in Catholic Education schools, are receiving the correct discounts. The first class to have all of the  forms completed will receive a special treat from Mrs Jenkinson!

Christmas Cards and Candy Canes

 As children begin to write their Christmas cards we ask that you refrain from sending along candy canes or other lollies. Please encourage your children to write thoughtful messages as they spread some Christmas cheer through card giving. Supporting projects in our school and community such as the St Vinnie’s Christmas Hamper Appeal is an alternative way to give, with quite a different message for children.

Library Books

 A reminder from Mrs Westgarth regarding library books. All school library books are now overdue. Please ensure any books your children have borrowed are returned by this Friday to avoid being charged a replacement cost. 

Homework Club

Due to the study requirements of our wonderful TCC Homework Club supervisors, Homework Club has now finished for the 2020 school year. We hope to offer this service to our Years 3-6 students again in 2021.

School Banking

Next week (Week 8) is the final week of School Banking for the 2020 school year. A sincere thank you to Tanya Johnson and Kate Lipke, who have coordinated our School Banking program this year. Your time is much appreciated by our families and students. School Banking will recommence in early 2021.

School Fees

Thank you to those families who have addressed their outstanding school fee accounts this week. As I mentioned in last week’s newsletter, significant outstanding amounts have the possibility to impact on our school budget for the 2021 year, which in turn can result in school and classroom funding cutbacks. If you have not made contact with me regarding your account as yet, please do so as soon as possible.

Parents and Friends and Board Meetings - tomorrow!

As parents of students enrolled at St Joseph’s Wandal, you are automatically part of our Parents and Friends Association. At the conclusion of this school year, a number of positions on our P and F Executive Committee, will be vacated.  I am extending an invitation to you, to become more involved in your children’s school experience by attending our P and F meetings, or by putting your hand up to take on an Executive role in 2021.

Our P and F plan and organise fundraisers and events and determine how funds raised are spent in the school. When we have a substantial group, the workload is greatly reduced and the creative ideas are enhanced!

I would love to see some of our ‘newer’ parents at these meetings and taking on a role in this capacity.  If you feel this is something you may be interested in, please feel free to contact me at school, or just turn up to a meeting! Our Annual General Meeting will be held tomorrow, Thursday 19 November 5.15pm in the staffroom.  I hope to see you there.

(Prep parents, please check your children's bags today for a little 'sweet incentive' from our current P and F!)

The School Board will meet in the Staffroom, immediately afterwards, at 6.15pm.

Assessment and Reporting

Report cards will be distributed via Parent Lounge on Thursday 3 December. Please ensure you have access to Parent Lounge and know how to access these documents ahead of time. A reminder too, that it is the responsibility of parents to provide copies of these reports and any other requested information (for example NAPLAN data), not the school’s, when filling out applications and enrolment forms for secondary schools.

Year 6 Senior Leaders - 2021

 I had the pleasure of visiting our Year 5 classed on Monday to discuss the concept of leadership. We participated in some activities which taught us a lot about our fellow classmates and also about ourselves. While every Year 6 leader will have the important responsibility of being a senior leader in 2021, some may also choose to nominate for School or House Captain.  Nomination forms have been handed out to the Year 5 students today, and must be signed by a family member, and then be endorsed by either myself or a member of the Leadership Team here at school.  

Our School Captain speeches will be held Monday 30 November, and House Captain speeches will be held Tuesday 1 December. Parents of nominated students may join us for these speeches, however, as usual, physical distancing rules must be observed and you must sign in/out at the Admin office.

Books Lists 2021

As of today, Booklists for 2021 are available both on the Skoolbag App and our website. Capricorn Educational Resources (Denham Street) are our preferred supplier, and they will be collecting order forms from us over the next couple of weeks. Please drop your Booklist into the labelled box in the office if you wish for this locally owned business to fill your list for you. Of course you are welcome to source your items elsewhere, but please ensure you purchase the brands and exact quantities specified on the list.


Important Dates Term 4



Prayer Assembly Year 3H



Year 6 Graduation Mass at St Joseph’s Cathedral 5:00pm



Christmas Concert – cancelled



2021 School Captain Speeches



2021 House Captain Speeches

Wandal’s Got Talent (upper school)



Wandal’s Got Talent (lower school)



Whole School Spelling Bee Final

Report Cards distributed via Parent Lounge



Year 6 Liturgy and presentation of Graduation Certificates

Last Day of Term 4!




Have a great week,

Kellie Jenkinson

From the Assistant to the Principal: Religious Education (APRE)

Gospel Reflection

In the parable that Jesus tells in Sunday's Gospel, the master praises the efforts of the first two servants, who used the talents they were given and improved upon them. The master criticises the action of the third servant, who hid the talent, did nothing, and was paralyzed with fear.

When have you been like the first and second servants, using your talents in a way that benefits yourself and others?

What such people don’t realise is that God gives us the dimension of earthly time as a gift, in fact, this dimension of earthly time as a gift. Why were you born, not in the 11th century in China, or the 19th century in Ireland, or even 1963 rather than 1965? Why were you brought into existence as a human being, an inhabitant of this small planet, at this particular time and no other?

You were not just born into existence, you were loved into existence to fulfil a destiny which is yours, and yours alone, in the whole history of the world. Each of us has a unique, irreplaceable role to play in the unfolding of salvation history, to be achieved now, in this time.

©Rev Fr Michael Tate, Liturgy Help

St Vincent de Paul Christmas Hamper Appeal

Currently, we have collected three baskets of food to donate to the St Vincent de Paul Christmas Hamper appeal.  Our goal is fill another 6 baskets with Christmas goodies.  Some items you can donate include juice, long life custard, long life milk, chips, Christmas pudding,  Christmas cakes, chips, boxes of biscuits, short bread, soft drink, tinned fruit or tinned salad.  As always, we appreciate the generous donations and support from our school families.  Together as a community we can achieve more and make a difference in the lives of those in need. 

"To love is to Serve"

Year 3 Prayer Assembly will focus on Advent

The season of Advent begins on Sunday the 29 November and ends on Thursday 24 December.  Advent is a time to prepare for the coming of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Classes will begin learning about the season of Advent and creating their own Advent Wreaths.  The circle of the wreath is a reminder that God's love is eternal. The candles are a sign of the light of Christ and each Sunday, candles will be lit as we prepare for Christ the King.

Please join Year 3H in the Hall at 8.35am this Friday, as they lead prayer, which will focus on Advent and its importance in our Liturgical Calendar.

Thought of the Week

Have a great week,

Rheanna Starr

Curriculum Update

What's Happening in 1M?

This term in Year 1 we have been working hard on our Media Art and Digital Technologies unit. We are using our own illustrations to create a digital book about the Catholic Church. We have been learning how to create a complete digital book on our IPads and have been improving our typing skills. 

Learning Goal:

I am learning to present my understanding of a topic clearly and creatively through the use of images, sounds and texts. 

Success Criteria: 

  • I can make a digital book about the Catholic Church that shows my understanding in an engaging way. 
  • I can insert my own illustrations, words and voice in the digital book.  

Christmas Quiz 1

 As we get into the holiday spirit and celebrate Jesus' birth, let's have a quiz:

1. Santa has nine reindeer, can you name them all?

2. What gifts did the three kings take to baby Jesus?

3. How many doors would you open on an advent calendar before Christmas Day arrives?

4. How many lords are leaping in 'The Twelve Days of Christmas' song?

5. How many different types of birds are mentioned in the 'Twelve Days of Christmas' song?

6. What type of cake, beginning with the letter P, is traditionally eaten in Italy at Christmastime?

7. What date is Boxing Day, also known as Saint Stephen's Day, celebrated?

8. True or false: In Japan, millions of people eat KFC for their main Christmas meal?

9. What guided the Three Wise Men to the birthplace of Jesus?

Questions from


Have a great week,

“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.”

Zig Ziglar

Janette McLennan

St Joseph's Wandal Vacation Care Program

Please see attached program and booking sheet.


Congratulations to the following students on their achievements.  Please click the link for further information.

Touch Football - Under 6 Stingers and Under 8 Vipers

The weekly draw can be found at  

Community Announcements

School Dental Service

Full dental treatment is being offerred to students currently enrolled at St Joseph's Wandal. This service will be provided at the Allenstown School Dental Clinic, commencing December 2020.

 Lissetta Grant will be the health professional on site. Please direct any enquiries to Lissetta on 4922 2673 or Melissa Plath on 4920 7553 during business hours.

 Students may be treated by Bachelor of Oral Health students who will be fully supervised by a highly experienced Oral Health Therapist. Parents need to advise if they do not wish their child/children to be treated by a student when the initial appointment is booked via phone.

 If you wish utilise this service, please email the school office, and forms will be shared with you. Parents are asked to return completed forms to the school office by the 27th November 2020. Alternatively, completed forms can be emailed to

 Parents will be responsible for ensuring their child/children attend at the agreed appointment times. 




Capricorn Trials


Student Travel Rebates