Vardys Voice

Term 2, Week 10 - 3 July 2019

Principal’s Report

5/6 Indigo

As outlined in previous communications, 5/6 Indigo’s current teacher, Ms Justine Patterson, is on a working VISA which lapses at the end of September.

The school in response to this inevitability has been exploring succession plan options and has decided that Mr Matthew McDonald will be teaching 5/6 Indigo from the beginning of Term 3 until the end of the year.

As Mr McDonald is a known and well-respected member of the existing Vardys Road staff, the transition to another teacher should be easier and the all-important teacher/student connection is already established.

Ms Patterson has already provided the school with comprehensive hand over notes and Mr McDonald will be part of the Stage 3 planning day this week.

Vardys Road would like to thank Ms Patterson for her tireless efforts, professionalism and her much needed student-centred approach. Her ability to guide 5/6 Indigo through an emotional time has been very much appreciated and we wish her well as she returns home to Ireland and in her future teaching career.

The school's PDHPE Release from Face to Face program will continue and the school is currently finalising arrangements with Mr McDonald's replacement.

Recent Lockdown

Last Friday, due to a student based incident, the students and staff at Vardys Road Public School conducted a lockdown. The safety procedure was initiated to ensure the safety of students. The prompt response enabled staff to manage the incident effectively and as a result, students were safe at all times during the short safety procedure.
Lockdowns are one of a number of safety procedures rehearsed regularly by public schools and last Friday’s lockdown ran well according to rehearsed plans.

Education Week Open Day

The 2019 Education Week Open Day is to be held on Tuesday 6th August and will include the formal assembly, Book Fair, performances and an opportunity to visit your child’s classroom.

Please pencil the date into your diary. It’s a day certainly not to be missed!

Arriving early to school

Parents and carers are reminded that teacher supervision of students does not commence until 8:30am.

Children who arrive before this time are asked to sit under the kindergarten covered outdoor learning area. Families who require their children to be arriving at school before this time due to work commitments, are encouraged to be utilising our before and after school care centre. Financial assistance for before and after school care costs can be sought through Centrelink. Our friendly OOSH staff are more than happy to provide guidance on how to access this support.

Parents and carers are also reminded that the pedestrian crossing officers do not start their shifts until 8:00am. Parents are asked not to send their children unsupervised across the pedestrian crossing before this time. A recent ‘close call’ has acted as a reminder that children always need supervision when they are crossing roads - especially ones that are as busy as Vardys Road at that time of the day.

Multicultural Public Speaking Competition

Congratulations to Mrs Parkinson and her Public Speaking team who have achieved two wins and one highly commended award at the recent Multicultural Public Speaking competition. While more details are given later in this newsletter, all of the team’s hard work paid off with our competitors reaching a high standard in both the prepared and impromptu speech sections.

We are very lucky to have such passionate teachers and students with such commitment.

Visible Learning

Many thanks to Mrs Rachel Bernays and Mrs Belinda Barber who delivered a valuable workshop on student assessment, visible learning and quality student feedback. For those in attendance, our two knowledgeable teachers explained the importance of achievable goal setting and how to develop a growth mindset.

Information that was referenced during the workshop is included in this newsletter.

School Prayer and Pledge

Thank you to the many parents who contributed to the discussion on the school prayer and pledge either via email or at the recent parent forums. The next step is to hold a workshop where a new proposed pledge will be written by a small group of parents and staff.

If you would like to be part of this workshop, please email me at

The outcome of this workshop will be put to a community vote.

Parent Fitness Group

As part of our ever expanding community engagement programs, one of our parents is starting a parent fitness group at Vardys Road Public School. More information about this new initiative will be sent home soon.

What a great way to get fit, meet other parents and also support our school!

Parents interested in joining this group are asked to contact Jaron Blackie on 0425257614 or email him at

P & C vacant positions

We still have two vacant positions in our P & C, with the Fundraising and Uniform Vice President roles remaining unfilled.

Please contact me at if you would like to explore these opportunities further.



5/6 Aqua Matilda


1/2 Apple Layla  1/2 Clover Jonathan  1/2 Mint Caitlin  3/4 Poppy Diya


1/2  Jade Theodore  1/2 Mint Jacob  1/2 Shamrock Sienna  3/4 Poppy Diya  3/4 Rose Levi, Alicia

3/4 Ruby Amelia  5/6 Aqua Matilda  5/6 Cobalt Tegan

Early Stage 1 Awards

K Buttercup Braxton  K Daffodil Liam  K Sunflower Elise, Jackson, Ayden, Kinsley, Blake  K Wattle Bayleigh Jackson, Ethan, Gemma, Madax

Stage 1 Awards

1/2 Apple Elise  1/2 Jade Thomas, Theodore, Elise  1/2 Fern Grace, Adyansh, Isabella, Joshua, 1/2 Mint Jacob  1/2 Shamrock Zofia

Stage 2 Awards

3/4 Cherry Ivy, Jasper  3/4 Rose Alicia  3/4 Ruby Charlotte (2), Ananya, William, Ella 3/4 Crimson Liam, Jessica, Emma, Ashley, Andrew  3/4 Scarlet Harper

Stage 3 Awards

5/6 Aqua Eviey, Victoria  5/6 Cobalt     5/6 Indigo Lucas  5/6 Sapphire Noah, Marcus

Sport News


Game date: 21/6/19

Versus: Bert Oldfield A

Result: Juniors won 10-1, Seniors won 5-1
Sports Awards:   Juniors – Ryan & Leo      Seniors – Kobi & Joel

Game date: 28/6/19



Game date: 21/6/19

Versus: Caddies Creek Maroon (Juniors), Blacktown North (Seniors)

Result: Juniors lost 3-0, Blacktown North forfeit in Seniors
Sports Awards:   Juniors – Ananya & Helena    Seniors – Eviey & Lilian

Athletics Carnival

On Tuesday 25th June Vardys Road Public School held its annual Athletics Carnival at Blacktown International Sports Park. The weather was kind as students aged 8 and above competed in a variety of track and field events. We were able to complete just about all events on the day and are in the process of finishing the last few field events back at school. We hope to have ribbons presented before the end of term.

Participation and sportsmanship was evident throughout the day and we would like to thank all the students who attended, as well as family who supported and helped out on the day.

Zone participants and new record holders will be announced early next term.

Mr M McDonald
Sports Coordinator

Wentworthville/Seven Hills Zone and Sydney West Representative Teams

Now that most representative teams have had their championship days I would like to announce the names of those students who have earned representative honours so far this year. If selected to a Zone team students compete at Regional carnivals in the hope of being selected for a Sydney West Regional Team. We at Vardys Road have been lucky enough to have had multiple students selected to both levels of representative duties this year.
They are as follows:

Wentworthville/Seven Hills Zone -
Netball: Abbie
Rugby League: Lachlan, Nathan, Zac and Cooper
Touch Football: Lachlan
Softball: Brock and Deegan
AFL: James
Basketball: James

Regional Teams
Girls Cricket: Mia
Boys Cricket: Riley
Rugby Union: Willie

Mr M McDonald
Sports Coordinator


Spelling Bee

2019 Spelling Bee

Vardys Road is participating in the annual Premier’s Spelling Bee! Class finals will be held during Week 10 of this term. There are two ways to get your hands on the word lists:

1.       Ask your child to log into their ‘Student Portal’ and open the email with the subject 2019 Spelling Bee. The Spelling Bee lists and password needed to read the documents are attached.

2.       Go to: to find the links to both the simple word list and the annotated spelling word list. You’ll need to ask your child’s teacher for the password in person.

Remember, Stage 2 is using the Junior word list and Stage 3 is using the Senior word list. Classes will be selecting two winners to represent them in the school final which will be held on Monday 29th July. Our two best spellers from each Stage will then go on to represent Vardys Road in the regional final!

Good luck and happy Spelling!

Beck Anderson
Stage 3 Assistant Principal (Relieving)

School Attendance

The School is required by law to follow up on any unexplained absences. Students are required to attend school between the designated times (8:55 am and 3:00 pm). Parents must explain any late arrival, early departure or a full day absence with a specific reason.

This requirement is necessary for the safety and welfare of all children. The notes and class roll are legal documents and are scrutinised by a Home Liaison Officer.

Arriving Late

The start of the school day is very important and it is essential that students arrive at school on time so that they can settle quickly and commence the learning program for the day. Further, students entering the room after the day’s lessons have commenced might disturb other students and disrupt class routines.

Students arriving late at school should arrive with a parent or carer. If unaccompanied, policy says that office staff must ask why the student is late and this may be followed up with a phone call to parents to confirm. This is for child safety, ensuring that parents are aware their child is late to school.

Absence explanations

Please contact the school to advise of any absences. You can:

·       Write a note to the teacher with the date/s and the reason/s, signed by a parent or carer. Notes written by children are not accepted.

·       Use the skoolbag app to submit your absence note online. See instructions in the image below.

Debating and Public Speaking Update


This year, our debating teams have been participating in the Blacktown Debating Competition and Premier’s Debating Challenge. Our debaters meet once a week to work with Mrs Parkinson and Miss Grosvenor to develop their skills and prepare their debates.

On Monday 24th June, our Year 5 and Year 6 teams debated against Darcy Road Public School and were victorious in both debates! The Year 5 team were affirmative and debated the topic: That primary schools should spend one afternoon a week teaching internet skills. The Year 6 team were negative and they debated against the topic: That we should ban all ads for unhealthy things.

We are exceptionally proud of our debaters and can’t wait to see what they achieve in their future debates! Well done!

Public Speaking

On Monday 1st July, Mrs Parkinson took several Vardys Road students to the Multicultural Perspectives Public Speaking Competition local final at Blacktown North Public School. Our Stage 2 representatives were Noah, whose topic was Belonging, and Aidan, who spoke about Multiculturalism in the Media. The Stage 2 impromptu topic was A Good Deal. Both speakers did a phenomenal job, with Aidan winning the competition! Aidan will be progressing to the regional finals in Term 3.

In Stage 3, Lilian spoke about Colour-Blindness and Connor presented a speech on Australia Day. The impromptu topic for the Stage 3 competition was A Second Chance. Connor came away from the day with a Highly Commended award, and Lilian won the competition! Lilian will also be progressing to the regional finals. Both Lilian and Connor were congratulated by the adjudicator for the depth and quality of their speeches and should be exceptionally proud of the way they represented Vardys Road.

Our public speaking students work incredibly hard to prepare for these public speaking competitions and we are very proud of their efforts. Many students come to weekly meetings and practise their prepared and impromptu speaking skills, impressing everyone with their passion and talent! Well done!!

Mrs Parkinson

PBL - Toilet and Bubbler Areas

At Vardys Road we are learners with Values

At the toilets and bubblers

I show RESPECT when:

  • I am quiet
  • I allow for the privacy of others
  • I use the bubblers properly
  • I turn off the taps when I have finished

I show PRIDE when:

  • I put used paper towel in the bin

I show SAFTEY when

  • I wash my hands with soap and water
  • I keep my food away from the toilets and bubblers
  • I tell a teacher if there is a problem

Parent workshop handouts

Below are the handouts from the recent parent workshop on Visible Learning and Assessment.

Parent workshop handout - Assessment (PDF 818kb)


Parent workshop handout - Visible Learning (PDF 365kb)


Parent workshop handout - Growth Mindset (PDF 90kb)


P & C News - Next meeting 12 August 7pm. Please see the file below.

P & C news - positions vacant, vacation care, uniform shop (PDF 1.18mb)